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mc chris foreverrr


today is small business saturday, there’s no smaller business than me and there’s no smaller puppies than these puppies!

my black friday sale is practically going on FOREVERRR! sales go all the way until next friday! Stuff already is starting to be shipped out! it’s a great time to give the gift of mc, to support indie music, to support someone that truly cares about you, not like those fucking heartless corporations! burn’m all down! jk. don’t do that. 

we got crazy deals, that not only look like robbery they look like well thought out heists!

$1 stickers, patches and posters! 

$5 for new albums and girl shirts, and kid shirts, and leprechaun merch! 

$10 for new vinyl and shirts! 

$20 for hoodies! and even bundles got discounted, some big ways to save! buy lots of stuff for just a little money!

lots of stuff is running out, so if you want something, get it now, i won’t be remaking some things, and some things i won’t be printing again until next year!

so get it while you can!

thanks for supporting me, this is how i make my living, it’s not what i planned on doing with my life, but this is what works, help out if you can!

thanks and have a great weekend!