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mc chris foreverrr


happy thanksgiving everybody! i’m thankful for you! thanks for buying my records, listening to my songs and seeing my shows! thanks for every letter, every contest entry, every kind comment. if you’re a hater suck a dick what are you still doing here?! haha i don’t care get in here, eat this cranberry sauce (bc i don’t like cranberry sauce.) 

tonight at midnight i’m having a sale on all my stuff! $1 stickers, patches and posters! $5 for new albums and girl shirts, and kid shirts, and leprechaun merch! $10 for new vinyl and shirts! $20 for hoodies! and even bundles got discounted, some big ways to save! hope you can support me, it helps me pay the people that are making my record! it helps me pay my bills! it puts a roof over my head and turkeys in my oven. 

it aint easy being an independent musician in 2013 with all the harsh comments and the streaming, but i still feel so lucky and thankful to do what i do. it’s fun, it’s rewarding, and it truly does go beyond my wildest dreams!

hope you have a great day, hug your dads for me. and if you’re alone listen to some mc or watch your favorite show and remember the good times, there are more in store for you than you can imagine. hang in there!

after this sale we can get to talking about the new album. I think i might write the last song today. it’s my longest album ever with the longest songs, i just had so much to say, because i’m never truly done when it comes to being mc chris. thanks again!