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mc chris foreverrr


i’m thankful that my best friend and my wife are the same person, so i don’t have to buy as many gifts come christmas.

i’m thankful that i get to live in a city filled with so much vermin and by that i mean millenials. they make me feel like an old man on a porch, which is my real dream. there are also mice in my apartment. and they all have blogs.

i’m thankful that it’s a nerd’s world with video games, movies and tv all vying for my attention like i’m a hot girl at a bar (with a secret STD shhhh.)

i’m thankful that i have so many amazingly good looking fans (seriously you guys look really sharp!) when i’m thinking i’m completely irrelevant one of you guys will write me and remind me how good looking you are. and it puts me back in the place i need to be. extremely jealous and angry. 

in five days i’m having a sale. nobody buys music anymore so these sales are the only way i survive a few months longer, it’s how i pay the people that make my album and run my website. it’s how i pay rent. it’s how i will buy the new zelda game for my DS. so if you can support me by buying a hoodie that’d be dope. i’d be thankful as fuck for that. if i can get my wife to sign off on it, i’ll fuck you if you buy a pin pack. or even a sticker. patches get handies.

you guys give me everything i have, some people say i make it happen, and i earned it. but even to this day, i can’t believe it or that. i feel like you’re all just there for me, which is amazing because i usually feel pretty isolated and alone. but i’m not really, i have you. you’re wonderful and i’m thankful. there’s no joke there. 

*this photo was not photoshopped. it happened.