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mc chris foreverrr


well i made it three months without weed. i won’t be posting about it anymore, just wanted to get to this point. i’ve gotten a wide array of responses over these past few months. everything from you can’t be addicted to weed to you’ve lost a fan to thanks, you’ve given me the inspiration to try this myself. as i’ve said repeatedly my decision to go clean isn’t a threat to your way of life. i fully condone self medication. it helped me through a hellish time. but i don’t feel like i need it like i once did, so i’m moving on. i hope that if you party and want to continue to do so, i hope that you know that my choices don’t really have any effect on you or your life unless you want them to. i wish you all the happiness in the world. if you feel like you’re going in circles and you don’t feel what you used to, maybe my choice can be a jumping off point. the post that i link has been hated on quite a bit. but let me make one thing clear. i take full responsibility for my drug use and my actions while i was high. i don’t blame the weed, i just know in the end it gave me little tolerance for things that didn’t go my way. now im sober and in therapy and im learning to deal with the world as it is. it isn’t easy, but i think i prefer the difficulty to the delusion. thanks for listening. good luck on your journey.