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mc chris foreverrr


tonight’s winner was dexter! don’t forget to dress up!

beat shirt of the night! it’s a trap!

tonight’s runner up! the rocketeer!

Ethan the great the 12 ur old magician is making a repeat performance before my set tonight in Kansas.

fan just gave me porcelain dice that he made himself. nice!

favorite shirt of the night! but it’s also my favorite show so…

tonight’s winner! lady ash! don’t forget to dress up! www.

this is the great Ethan. he’s a 12 yr old magician and I’m letting him do his act before my set tonight.

tonight’s winner the joker!

tonight’s winner looks like last night’s. but it’s the dude. not randy savage.

tonight’s winner! randy savage! don’t forget to dress up!

this how you know you’ve arrived. #archer

my vote for should have won. zombie wario

and the jawa won!

tonight the finalists were a jawa and a “random black guy”