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mc chris foreverrr


fan just showed up w this tat! I’m on today on the beat port stage at 4:30! west palm beach where u at???

haven’t seen this one before!

my fans rule fandom with an iron fist! and he gave me a red deck! I’m on at 4:45 on the beat port stage! hotlanta!!!

finally watching the protomen!

every restaurant should do this when they drop the check.

best shirt of the day!

my fans are cute. they crafty too.

oh yeah. there’s a time change. whoops.

I’ve seen a lot of fett shirts. this one’s pretty bad ass.

this shirt is 8 years old. I have the best fans in the world!

should I make these?

david the pacific dub drummer is looking pretty cool today. can’t my finger on why…

and they didn’t even know each other.

today’s line! thanks ohio!

I love big empty spaces